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About us

BESPOKE is what's been missing from your wardrobe: an affordable, quality piece of stylish clothing. Like as Suits, trousers, shirts, overcoats, smoking, winter coat, smart jackets, casual and ceremony suits. With our unique suit customizer, you can easily create a suit that perfectly matches your personality. Tailored to your individual measurements, we dare to guarantee a perfect fit - every time. HOW IT WORKS You choose a fabric ( from our bands REDA, DORMUEL, LORO PIANA, VITALE BARBERIS CANONICO and ect ) and all details like a buttons, linings, lapel style, vents pockets and other. We will take your measurements,place an order and Our tailors in EU will create your unique garment. Your order will be delivered after 3-4 weeks.

Tel.: 032-2-47-72-14

mobile 598-199-177 & 599-570-377

E-mail: info@bespoke-tbilisi.com

Address: Tbilisi Chonkadze street N14